Check Out The Richmond Railroad Museum

Richmond Railroad Museum

Back in the old days, the rails ruled the world. People had to hop on a train to get to their destinations, and many of those trains flew through Richmond. Passenger trains are no longer the preferred method of travel, but they have left behind an interesting history that you can explore at the Richmond Railroad Museum. The museum is open on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sundays from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is just $5 for adults, and children 13 and under get in for free. Get the details, so you can plan your trip to the museum.

History of the Richmond Railroad Museum

The Richmond Railroad Museum is located inside the former Hull Street Station. The Southern Railway built this station in 1915, making it the third passenger rail station in Richmond at that time. The small station could service around six trains a day and sent passengers as far as New Orleans and Atlanta. This station operated until 1957 and remained empty for years.

That changed in 1982 when the building was donated to the Old Dominion Chapter. The chapter lovingly restored the building, and it was finally ready to open as a museum in 2011. Now, when you walk through the doors, you will be treated to an impressive assortment of railroad memorabilia.

The Main Display Area

The Old Dominican Chapter turned the station’s baggage and express freight room into its main display area. When you walk in, take in the space of the room. It’s much larger than you would expect for a baggage area, and for good reason. People used to be able to bring 200 pounds of luggage on trains without paying any extra fees. The space is large enough to accommodate all of those huge bags.

You’ll see a train board in this main display area, still sporting the schedule from World War II. You will also see the headlights from a locomotive and a rail velocipede. This cool contraception used to power trains down the tracks in the days before gasoline engines became the norm.

The Main Waiting Room

You’ll also want to visit the restored main waiting room. It contains a huge model-railroad display that includes town scenes and tunnels. This display is a labor of love of many volunteers who donated their talents to the museum. Spend time checking out the various details, such as the tiny police cars.

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Getting to the Museum

It’s fun to go back in time and explore the old passenger trains. However, you can’t help but feel happy that you don’t have to travel the rails. It’s nice to jump in a vehicle and go to your destination. Make those trips more fun with a new ride from Pearson Honda in Midlothian, Virginia.